We build
the future of urban life.

A Start-up Studio to create solutions for better cities :
improving homes, work places and well-being experiences.

In partnership with HEC Paris | Incubateur

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Meet the Urban Odyssey Team

Nicolas Bellego
#Head of Icade Innovation
#Incubators Founder
Nicolas Bellego
Head of Start-up Studio
Jean François Gallouin
#Serial Entrepreneur
#Former CEO
Jean François Gallouin
Entrepreneur & VC Lead
Lucie Chavanne
#Talents & HR
Lucie Chavanne
Business Lead
Justin Strayer
#Digital Strategy
#Link to Icade DSI
Justin Strayer
Digital Lead
Maxence Naudin
#Open innovation
#Link to Icade Business lines
#Link to Parners
Maxence Naudin
Open Innovation Lead
Camille Biessy
#Service Design
#User experience
Camille Biessy
Design Lead

Our incubation partner

Incubateur HEC Paris

HEC Incubator is our incubation

Our projects are accelerated at Station F during the first 6-months periode.
HEC Incubator provides them an ambitious program based on an exceptional mentorship support, a knowledge factory and the mobilisation of the whole HEC community.

We are the first Start-up Studio
dedicated to the future of cities and
powered by a major urban player
The first Start-up Studio

You want to keep the entrepreneur’s mindset and freedom, with the power of a major player ? Join us to become the co-founders of our urban ventures.
Our studio is powered by ICADE, a key player in building and transforming cities.
We team-up with talented entrepreneurs to create together game-changing start-up.

Cities are changing, we want to build a positive future for urban life.
We are facing major environmental challenges, cities need to transition towards new ways of working, living and sharing urban spaces. As a market leader, Icade has a role to play in designing solutions to promote a more sustainable urban life.

We focus on

We focus on

The future of home
new living experiences, solutions for affordable housing, new dwelling design, shared living, …

The future of work
new workplaces, proptech applications, wellbeing at work and management innovations, …

The future of care and wellbeing :
healthcare continuum services and facilities, human care experience in the city, healthcare hospitality experience, healthcare physical and digital solutions for the benefit of both patients and professionals, …

We believe in an holistic vision of our cities to create long-term value through sustainable living environments.

That is why we are committed to developing new methods in the making of cities : new building techniques, recycling and upcycling, urban rewilding, frugal engineering, second life for ephemeral spaces…

A unique opportunity

for co-founders

A unique opportunity

We test opportunities with each entrepreneur and we invest in 4 to 6 start-ups each year

We offer a unique access to Icade’s assets and clients

We are a diverse team of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, business developers and real estate specialists, determined to redesign urban life

We work hand-in-hand with HEC Incubator to accelerate our projects for 6 months in Station F. This partnership provides our co-founders with an additional access to their community of mentors and successfull entrepreneurs.

A 4-step process



Let’s meet and start



A 6-month program
to validate

the product – market
fit with the HEC
Incubator support at
Station F

creation ?
go / no go



12/18 month business

• Seed funding by Icade
• Access to Icade’s



To the infinity &

• Scale-up
• New funding round

Let’s build the city we want to live in!

Join us


Take a look at the first start-up and
new businesses co-founded by Icade !
Cycle Up
Digital platform for
re-using waste materials
on site.
Entrepreneur :
Sebastien Duprat
Bocage Urbain
Bring back nature in the
cities for more
Entrepreneur :
Baptiste Laurent
Self designed housing :
shaping together your
future home !
Entrepreneur :
Emmanuel Morvan
Ambulatory innovation
for the medical staff.
Entrepreneur :
Jean-Luc Commeleran